Botany daycare

Have Lots of Play Dates if you don't want to, or are unable to, enroll your child in Botany daycare, you should at least ensure that they are spending lots of times with other children their age, away from your home. Find other parents with children of the same age in your neighborhood and set up regular play dates. Once your children are comfortable together, you can take turns watching the children. Not only does your child get accustomed to being away from you, but they will also learn to socialize and play well with their peers.

Exude Excitement your child takes a lot of their emotional cues from you. If you seem anxious or upset about their first day of Botany Kindergarten, your child will become anxious and upset as well. Even if you are experiencing a little separation anxiety of your own, do everything you can to exude excitement about the first day of kindergarten. This should be done in advance, as well as on the big day itself.

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