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White Rose of Sharon

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The rose of Sharon, also known as the Hibiscus syriacus in scientific terms, is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family of Malvaceae native to south-central and southeast China and widely introduced everywhere else, most especially Asia. Given the epithet syriacus from its first discovery in the gardens of Syria, its common names include the mungunghwa, Syrian ketmia, shrub althea, and rose mallow. As the hibiscus bears many blooms, its attractive flowers are its main selling point as they also carry a unique stamen. Another valuable feature is the shrub's relatively late-blooming period, especially in northern climates where it blooms in August. Thus, the rose of Sharon offers white, red, lavender, or light-blue blossoms when many flowering shrubs have long since ceased blooming. This late-blooming period is helpful for gardeners in managing the blooming sequence in their landscapes.
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