Harvest will not become the mainstream league of POE in the future

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Recently, players have asked POE officials on social media whether the Harvest League will become one of the mainstream leagues of POE. They think Harvest’s game style is very suitable for players who want to play slowly in the game. This part of the players prefers a leisurely game rhythm rather than intense battles. Although they also need to kill monsters to get POE Currency in Harvest, the frequency of battles is not so high compared to other leagues.

For example, in the first league released by POE this year, many players fought intensely for three months. Although most players feel that this is the true meaning of POE, some players still feel mentally tired. They are in a game environment with hidden murderous intentions, and they have to guard against monsters or enemies from attacking them all the time. When the trailer for Harvest appeared on the Internet, it instantly attracted many players.

Harvest themed on agriculture. Every player, regardless of their strength, can get corresponding returns through their hard work. This alone has attracted many players who want to play in POE but are afraid of the challenges in POE to join the game. They went to the sacred jungle to collect seeds and then brought them back to the garden for planting and used props such as collectors and diffusers throughout the agricultural activities to improve their farming efficiency. The Harvest League has been going on for almost two months. Many players have become richer through their own efforts.

When the game team was designing Harvest, they wanted to develop a brand new production system to test whether this system can have a good impact on the game. They will reassess the craftsmanship to determine how much craftsmanship we will keep and how many remaining craftsmanship needs to rebalance. Focusing on the present is the most important for players. They need to Buy Path of Exile Currency to get a more interesting gaming experience, and the game team also hopes that they can always show the best for players.

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