EA announced in advance that players will experience Madden 21 causing uproar online

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Many players who have pre-ordered Madden 21 do not understand this behavior. They spent a lot of money to buy Madden 21 Deluxe Edition or Standard Edition and also prepared a lot of MUT 21 Coins. Now EA allows players to experience it for free, which is not fair to them.

EA Play is the company’s new subscription platform. Subscription provides exclusive content and rewards to its members. We have now revealed the drawbacks of this. Players guess that Madden NFL 21’s early access is estimated to have a time limit. Otherwise, those players who spent money to pre-purchase Madden 21 will definitely be upset. According to EA’s blog, they mentioned the time players can spend playing new games.

For those players who experience Madden 21 in advance, EA does not limit how long they can play. But those players who spend money will definitely object strongly. EA Play Pro also provides early access to the deluxe version of the new game. In addition, there are unlimited access rights, more professional rewards and exclusive content. Please note that they will launch Madden NFL 21 Deluxe Edition on the market on August 25. Both memberships can also save you 10% on EA digital purchases, DLC or full game fees. The achievements and rewards gained from Early Access may also continue.

EA recently released interesting background music in Madden 21. There are 18 exciting songs in the game, including Anderson Paak’s CUT EM IN Party Favor and JAHMED’s ACTUP. Record-setting female singer tracks have also appeared in the game. Now, when talking about major changes, EA has introduced The Yard in NFL 21. This is a brand new backyard football model. As the exciting Madden 21 is coming, players should seize the time to Buy Madden 21 Coins to deal with various complex situations.

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