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It has released the latest expansion of Path of Exile for over two months. This is what you can feel in Harvest.

In Harvest, you will turn your sword into a plowshare, then plant some seeds and then turn into a sword again. These seeds will grow into magical beasts. You must kill these beasts to steal their POE Currency and use it to make powerful items.

The important thing here is that different life forces can do different things. A hand-crafted option is “Use all new random modifiers (including caster modifiers) to recast rare items.” The other “use the new “physical” modified to add rare items". The list will continue to display, but this allows you to customize the device to a level that is not visible in POE.

Seeds have a variety of qualities, and rare and stronger seeds will produce rare and stronger enemies. Beware of the three primitive beasts: Ersi, Janaar and Namharim. They provide the best life force, but are also the most dangerous monsters you will encounter.

Besides this new farm simulator and crafting options, they have made major improvements to two-handed weapons, warfare, branding, grand slam and passive skill trees. Two-handed weapons have been improved, with greater damage, better visual effects and improved features, and “War” can now scale enemies based on nearby power. “

The passive skill tree has received digital gains, new passive skills, and new cornerstone passive skills. There are also 12 new unique items, of which 50 old items have been completely rebalanced.

Also note that “Path of Exile” will get a brand new renderer, which will improve performance, which will pave the way for other graphic improvements.

Path of Exile: Harvest has two support packages for you to choose from, it will equip them with some unique weapons and armor according to the equipment you choose. Players can also get powerful weapons through Buy POE Orbs.


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