Path of Exile will release a new expansion on September 18

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Path of Exile The new expansion of Heist will be released on September 18th. We are getting closer and closer, so I will introduce some new expansions next.

The big Heist is the goal of the Heist. They need more plans and POE Currency, so you need to do a lot of markups. Large-scale robbers also need to allocate multiple stalkers to deal with different wings, manage alert levels and overcome obstacles, while also carefully designing escape routes.

The blueprint is the new handicraft needed to plan the Grand Heists. Players can trade, but it is very rare. To get the most benefit from the blueprint and get the best shot in Grand Heist, you can visit the hairdresser Whakano, who will use information from other robberies to reveal the key elements on the blueprint, such as escape routes, bonus rooms, and specific Wings.

The rewards of the grand Heist are the only items in the replica, and we can find these items in the rewards of the grand robbery. But these items are copies of unique items in exile legends. Although they have similarities, they have their own properties, so they are not exactly the same.

In the reward room of Grand Heists, you can find gems of unique qualities, and improve specific attributes as they gain quality, instead of improving the quality of skills and auxiliary gems. When you are not sure about gem skills, you can accord to the quality of gems. Casting during a critical strike will provide more attack damage instead of additional critical strike opportunities.

Weapon and armor enchanting is another bonus of Grand Heist. There are about 15 enchanting themes, and the activation power is different. These enchantments can expand the attribute level of the item and thus get the balance. For example, the effect of physical modifiers has been increased by 15%, but it has improved the attribute requirements.

Path of Exile Heist introduced accessories, which is a new equipment slot that can increase the rewards got from the robbery without having to use the slots in the current version. Trinkets can increase rarity, increase rewards, or affect items dropped by enemies and chests.

This is most of the additional features brought by the expansion. If some players want to enter the game more conveniently and quickly, POE Trade Currency will be an excellent choice, allowing you to reap double the fun of the game.


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