New Updates on Faceworld Applications

Faceworld The site is a social networking site and can be identified as a new social network operated by Faceworld

Faceworld has made some updates to its products which are:
The official Faceworld app
Faceworld Messenger app
New features of the official Faceworld app:
In-app settings enable video compression.
User story view count added.
Solve problems opening the browser.
Solve live broadcast problems.
Currency change when adding or modifying a product.
10+ Resolve the errors reported.
Download the new update via this link:
Faceworld Messenger New Features:
 Few changes to UI theme icons.
The ability to add a color text story has been added.
The ability to send / receive locations is enabled.
Added ability to delete a single message.
The ability to favorite messages has been added.
10+ Reported bugs resolved
Download the new update via this link:
For more information, please visit our official website
Please note for some information on the Faceworld network
Here is some information on Faceworld
Founded in 2018
Mission: Give people the strength to build society and bring the world closer together. "
The site is a social networking site and can be identified as a new social network operated by Faceworld
Site functionality: Users can create an account and join networks organized by the city, school, or regions to communicate and interact with others
Users can also add friends to their friends' list, send them messages, update their profile, introduce themselves to friends, and direct the site name to the new world.
Faceworld relies on algorithms that protect user privacy, and users can share photos and videos. PDF documents. etc.
Finally, anyone 12 years of age or older can register
Faceworld launched with a completely different feature than other social networks
Discover it yourself through your visits to our website
Faceworld's advantage is to bring the world closer to profit by sharing content with others where anything you do is paid for.
 It aims to create a new social media system.
Also, at the moment, we are not comparing with other companies, but we are confident that we will sweep the world with our new features that we will introduce to the world.
We do not sell end-to-end user or anyone's data encrypted
We are very careful to preserve more user information than the user themselves
Founder and owner of the network: Muhammad Al-Alioy
CEO of Faceworld Social Network: Muhammad Al-Alioy
Headquarters: Germany / NordRhein-Westfalen
Important notice:
Faceworld is not affiliated with any party and has absolutely no affiliation with other companies or

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