Information on page insights data

Information on page insights data

When you use faceworld's products, including Pages, faceworld collects and uses the information described in the faceworld's data policy in the section "What types of information do we collect?" You can learn more about how we use cookies and similar technologies by visiting our Cookie Policy.

For Pages, faceworld provides insights and insights for page administrators to help them understand the types of actions people take on their pages (Page Insights).

We put protecting your privacy at the top of our priorities, so we designed Page Insights to show page administrators aggregate trends that do not contain details that personally identify you (please be aware that page administrators may be able to link your profile picture with your likes for pages in Insights if you like their pages and set Settings for your likes to appear public).

Information used to create page insights

Page insights are aggregate statistics generated from specific events that faceworld's servers log when people interact with your page and its associated content.
These events consist of multiple data points, such as shown below, depending on each event:

People Actions. It includes actions such as:

  • Display a page, post, video, or other content linked to the page
  • Follow or unfollow a page
  • Like or dislike a page or post
  • Recommend a page in a post or comment
  • Commenting, sharing, or interacting with a page post including the type of interaction
  • Hide a page post or report it as unimportant or fraudulent
  • Hover your mouse pointer over a page link, page name, or profile picture to view a preview of the page content
  • Clicking on the website information, phone number, or other buttons on the page
  • Display an event page on the screen, respond to the event including the type of interaction, and click the event tickets link
  • Initiate the process of communicating with the page through FW Messenger
  • View or click items in the Store page
  • Information about the actions, the people who take them, and the browsers / apps used to take them such as:
  • The date and time of the procedure
  • Country / City (for logged in users estimated based on IP address or user profile)
  • Gender and Age (from a user's profile for logged in users only)

We determine whether or not you are logged into faceworld through cookies in a manner consistent with our cookie policy. When you are not logged into faceworld, events are not activated.