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All Policies and terms of use of Faceworld

Welcome to Faceworld 

These Terms govern your use of the Site, products, features, applications, services, technologies and software provided by us unless
we expressly state that other independent terms (other than these Terms) apply.

1. Our Services

Our mission is to enhance the ability of people to build communities and collaborate to bring distance.
To advance this mission, we offer you the products and services described below:

Provide a personalized experience for you:

Your experience with Faceworld differs from anyone else's experience: from publications, stories, events, ads, and other types of content that appear in your latest news or video platform to the pages you follow and other features you may use, such as popular topics or search.
We use the data we have available, such as those related to your interactions, the choices and settings you specify, the elements you share and the actions you take within and outside our products, to personalize your experience

Communicate with people and organizations you care about:

We help you find and connect with people, groups, businesses, organizations, and others within your circle of interests with the products you use.
We use the data we receive to make suggestions for you and others, for example, groups to join, events to attend, pages to follow or write, views to watch, and people you may want to become friends with.
Strong links are an important foundation for building better societies,
and we are sure that our services become more useful when people communicate with groups and institutions they care about.

Encourage you to express yourself and communicate about what matters to you:

We offer you many ways to express yourself on Faceworld and communicate with your friends, family, and other people
about things you care about, for example, sharing status updates, photos, videos, stories through your faceworld products,
sending messages to a friend or several people, Create events or groups, or add content to your profile.
We've also developed and are still discovering new ways people can use technology, such as enhanced reality and 360-degree video, to create more compelling content.
Use technology, such as enhanced reality and 360-degree video, for more engaging content elements that encourage interaction and engagement on the WorldWorld

Help you discover the resulting content you may be interested in:

We show you ads, offers, and other types of content that you know are known to be traitors.
We believe that we may be committed to such things.

Confronting Your Behaviors Protecting Our Community:

People will not be able to build a community on Faceworld unless they feel safe.
To come up with help with positioning through your website.
We have learned that such content or conduct exists.
We will take retribution, loss, submission, breach, investigation, or communication with law enforcement.
Executing projects with the Faceworld Data Center.

Look for ways to improve our services better:

We care about the pool. One of the ways we use it to make data useful.
You can find some of our programs in the area Research.

2. Your obligations towards Faceworld and our community

We offer these services to you and others to help move forward to achieve our mission. In return, we want you to:

1. Who can use Faceworld

When people support their opinions and actions, our society feels more secure and responsible. For this reason, you should:

* Use the same name that you use in your daily life.
* Provide accurate information about yourself.
* Create only one account (your own account) and use your diary for personal purposes only.
* Do not share your password or grant access to your Faceworld account to others or transfer your account to anyone else (without our permission).
We always try to enable everyone in general to use Faceworld, but you can not use Faceworld in the following situations:
* If you are convicted of a crime of sexual harassment or abuse.
* If we've already disabled your account for violating our terms or policies.
* If you are prohibited from receiving our products, services or programs under applicable laws.

2. What you can share and do on Faceworld

We want people to use faceworld to express themselves and share the content they care about,
but not at the expense of the safety and security of others or at the expense of the integrity of our society.
You agree not to commit or facilitate any of the behaviors described below (or facilitate or assist others to commit):
1. You may not use our products to do anything or share anything
2. Violates these terms that apply to your use of faceworld.
* Illegal, misleading, discriminatory, or fraudulent.
* Violates or violates the rights of another person.
3. You may not download viruses or malicious code or do anything that disrupts, disrupts or impairs the proper operation or appearance of our products.
4. You may not access or collect data from our Products using automated means (without our prior permission) or attempt to access data that you do not have access to.
5. We may remove any content you share that is in violation of these Terms and Conditions and,

if necessary, we may take action against your account, we may also disable your account if you repeatedly violate the intellectual property rights of other people.
When necessary, we'll take some steps to notify you when your content is removed for violating community standards.
We may not be able to send you notice in all cases, for example when we are prohibited by law from doing so or if this harms our community or the integrity of our products.

* To help support our community, we encourage you to report content or behavior that you believe violates your rights (including intellectual property rights) or our terms and policies.

3. The permissions you give us

We ask you to grant us specific permissions so we can provide our services:

1. Permission to use and share the content you create and share:
You own and share the content of the content you create and share on your faceWorld and other products you use,
and nothing in these Terms deprives you of the rights you own towards your content.
You are free to share your content with anyone else, anywhere you want.
In order for us to provide our services, however, we ask that you grant us some legal permissions to use this content.
Specifically, when you share, publish, or upload content that is subject to intellectual
property rights (such as images or videos) using our products or in any way related to our products,
you grant us an international, non-exclusive, Distribute, modify, run, copy, present, display, translate,
and create derivative works of the public (in accordance with the privacy and application settings you assign).
The purpose of this license is to make our products available to you.
This means that, for example, if you share an image on Faceworld,
you grant us permission to store, copy and share it with others
(and repeat, in accordance with your settings) such as service providers that support our service or other faceworld products you use .
You may terminate this license at any time by deleting the content or account.
You should know that, for technical reasons, the content you delete may still exist for a limited time in backups
(but will not appear to other users). In addition, content that you delete may still appear if you share it with others and do not delete it.

2. Use your name, profile photo, and information about your actions towards sponsored ads and content:
Your name, profile photo, and information about your actions can be used on.
Or related to the advertisements, offers and other elements of the funded content that
we offer through our products, without any compensation to you for that.
For example, we may show your friends that you are interested in the event they were advertised
or that you liked a brand-created page that paid us a financial interview to display their ads on the World Wide Web.
These ads can only appear to people who give them permission to see what you're doing on Faceworld.

1. Authorizing or downloading the software you use: If you download or use our software,
you authorize us to download and install upgrade versions, updates and additional features to improve, revise and develop the software.

4. Restrictions on the use of our intellectual property rights

If you use content elements that are protected by the intellectual property rights that we own and provide through our products
(for example, images, designs, videos, or sound clips that we provide to you and you add them to content you create and share on faceworld),
we reserve all rights to (But we do not retain the rights to your content elements).
You may only use our copyrights or trademark rights (or similar marks)
as expressly permitted under our Trademark Use Guidelines or by prior written permission from us.
You must obtain written permission from us (or authorization under an open source license) so that you may modify,
create derivative works of, or decompile, or attempt to extract it in any way.

1. Update our Terms:

We always strive to improve our services and develop new features to make our products better and more convenient for you and our community.
As a result, these terms may need to be updated from time to time to reflect our services and practices more accurately.
We will not make changes unless the provisions are no longer appropriate or incomplete, and the changes are reasonable for you, taking into account your interests.
Unless otherwise specified by law, we will notify you of changes or choices that you have
(for example, via e-mail or through our products) before making any update to these terms for at least 30 days
and giving you an opportunity to review them before they take effect.
Once any updated terms have entered into force, you must comply with them if you decide to continue using our products.

We are very happy to continue using our products, but if you do not agree to our updated terms and choose not to be part of the Faceworld community anymore, you can delete your account at any time.

2. Account suspension or termination:

We want Faceworld to become a place where people can express themselves and freely share their ideas and opinions.
Our right to terminate the Convention for any good reason is not affected.
We specifically refer to a party's violation of the obligations imposed by these terms,
any laws or rights of third parties or privacy policies,
and the party that terminates the agreement can not expect the continuation of the contractual relationship,
taking into account all the circumstances on a case-by-case basis, The agreed termination time or the expiration of the notice period.
The agreement can be terminated for any good reason only after a reasonable time frame has elapsed from notifying the other party of the violation.

If the proper reason is to breach one of the obligations imposed by these conditions,
then the cancellation of the agreement is permitted only after the failure to rectify the situation during the period granted or after the failure of the warning.
However, the time period for correcting the situation can not be restricted if the other party refuses to fulfill its
obligations in a serious and final manner or if there are special circumstances that justify the immediate termination of the contract,
taking into account the interests of the parties.

If you delete your account or we disable it, these terms will expire as an agreement between you and us. However, the following terms will remain in force: Item 3 and items 4.2 to 4.5

3. Limitation of Liability:

Our liability is limited to the following: We have unlimited liability in accordance with the legal provisions:
arising from any injury to life, parties or health; intentionally; as a result of gross negligence under the Product Liability Law.

Without limiting any of the foregoing, we shall be liable for any minor negligence in case of violation of a "primary" obligation under this Agreement only.
"Core" obligations here are the obligations necessary for the implementation of the Convention,
the violation of which constitutes a threat to the purpose of the Convention in question and for which compliance must be ensured.
In such cases, liability is limited to normal and foreseeable damages; in other cases, we are not liable for minor negligence.

4. Disputes:

* We strive to provide clear rules to prevent or even prevent conflicts between you and us.
In the event of a dispute, however, it is useful to know where it is resolved and the laws that apply to it in advance.

If you are a consumer and permanently resident in an EU country,
the laws in force in this country apply to any claim or cause of action or dispute you raise against us arising out of
or in connection with these Terms or Products of Faceworld (the "Claim").
, And you can also settle the dispute in any court of competent jurisdiction in that country subject to this jurisdiction. In all other cases,

5. Other Conditions

1. In the event that any part of these conditions can not be fulfilled, the remaining part shall remain in full force and effect.
If we fail to comply with any of these conditions, this is not a waiver. Any amendment or waiver of these Terms shall be in writing and signed by us.
2. You may not transfer any of your rights or duties under these Terms to any other person without our consent.
3. You can designate a person (called a recommended contact) to manage your account if you remember him.
Only the recommended contact person, any person you have identified in a valid will,
or any similar document indicating explicit consent to disclose your content elements in the event of death or disability,
will be able to request disclosure of data from your account after its commemoration.
4. These Terms do not grant any third-party user rights. All rights and obligations under these terms are freely available by us in connection with the merger,
purchase or sale of assets or through the implementation of the law or otherwise.
5. You should know that we may have to change your account username under certain circumstances (for example, if someone else requests that username and is not associated with your name in your daily life).
6. We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions regarding our products and services.
But you should know that we are entitled to use them without any restriction or obligation to indemnify you,
nor do we have any obligation to maintain confidentiality.
9. We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

What types of information do we collect?

In order to be able to provide Faceworld products, we need to process information about you.

The types depend on the information we collect about the nature of your use of our products
Things you and others do and provide information about
Information and content elements you provide.
• Collect content, communications and information elements Service, including when you register for On an account,
when creating or sharing content, and communicating with others.
So it includes information contained in the content you provide or information about this
Content (definition keys) such as image location and file creation date.
They may also include what you see through our features, such as a camera, or provide tips on how to use it "Personal photo".
Our systems automatically process the content and communications you provide.
You and others to analyze context and what content and communications include for purposes Clarified below.
Learn more about how to control how can see your content You share it
• Data with special protection rights:
You can choose to provide information in your file fields.
Or personal events related to religious beliefs "Your interests" or your health. This information is subject to Political orientations adopted by it
(Such as origin, ethnic origin, philosophical beliefs or membership)
Trade unions) to special degrees of protection under EU laws•

Networks and communication processes.

• Collect information about people, pages, and accounts.
The signs of Hashtaj and the groups that communicate with them and how to interact with them through our products,
Such as people you communicate with most or groups you share

Your use.

• We collect information related to your use of our products, such as content types that Display or interact with them,
the features you use, actions you take, and people Or the accounts you interact with as well as the times of your activities,
their frequency and duration Time.
For example, we record the time of your use of our products and when The types of publications,
video clips and other types The other content you see on our products.
We also collect relevant information You can use features such as the camera

The things others do and the information they provide about you.

We also receive and analyze Content, communications and information that others provide when they use our products.
The This includes information about you, as when others share an image Or comment on it,
send a message to you, or upload your contact information Or its importation or importation Device information

As described below,

we collect information from and about computers, mobile phones, and devices TV and other Internet-connected devices you use with our products
We collect this information together across the different devices you use.
For example,We use the information collected in connection with your use of our products from your phone in order to create a profile Better personal content
(including ads) or features that appear when you use Our products are on another device,
such as a handheld computer or tablet, or with a view to measure whether you have Of an ad we've shown to you on your phone or other device

No action was taken:

The information we obtain from these devices is as follows:
• Device features: information such as operating system, hardware, software versions, and Battery,
signal strength, available storage space, browser type, names, and types Applications, files and additional components

• Device operations:

information related to operations and behaviors On the device, for example, is the frame displayed in the foreground or sent to Background,
or mouse movements) that can help distinguish human users from (Automatic programs)
• Device signals: • WiWi signals, or signals for the nearest Bluetooth access points.
• Device data: information that allows us to receive it from the device settings that you Or a "GPS" camera,
such as accessing your site through the Global Positioning System Or images
Network and contacts: information such as the name of your mobile phone or service provider Speed Internet IP connection,
language, time zone, mobile phone number and address And, in some cases, information about other devices located nearby
Related to the same network that you use, so we can do some things like helping you To transfer a video from your phone to your TV

How is this information shared?

Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

Participate on the products of Faceworld
The people and accounts you connect to and share content with.

When you share and communicate using our products, you can choose the audience for what you share.
For example, when you publish to VisualWorld, you can identify your audience, such as your group or all your friends, public, or group.
Similarly, when you connect with people or businesses, these people and businesses can see what you're sending.
Your network members can also see what you are doing on our products, We also allow other accounts to see who has seen their stories on Faceworld.

People can also use our products to create content about you and share it with the audience of their choice.
For example, people can share a photo of you in a story, mention your name, point to you at a location in a publication, or share information about you in their posts or messages.
If you're not satisfied with what others have shared about you on our products, you can learn how to report content.

Information about the status of your activity or your presence on our products.

People within your network and contacts can see signals telling you whether you are active on our products or not,
including whether you are currently active on Faceworld, and the last time you use our products.

The new owner:

If the ownership of our products or assets changes in whole or in part or is controlled by another party, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Partners using our analytics services.

We provide aggregated insights and insights that help people and businesses understand how people interact
with their publications, display lists, pages, video sites, and other types of content that they provide through or outside of the Faceworld products.
For example, business page and profile administrators receive information on how many people or accounts have viewed, interacted with
or commented on their publications, as well as demographics and other information that helps them understand the nature of the interactions with their page or account.
We share your information with the companies you collect to provide analytics and benchmarking reports to our partners.

How can you exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations?

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, you are entitled to access, correct, process and delete your data.
The right to object to our processing of your data for the purpose of direct marketing, which you can exercise by using the "opt-out" link in those marketing communications;

Retain data and deactivate and delete the account

We reserve the data until it becomes unnecessary to provide our services and products,
or until your account is deleted - whichever is first. This is determined individually and depends on things such as the nature of the data,
the reason for its collection and processing, and the relevant legal or operational requirements for its retention. For example,
when you search for something on Faceworld, you can access and delete that query's data from within your search history at any time,
but the search history itself is deleted after 6 months. If you provide a copy of a government-issued ID for account verification purposes, we delete this copy 30 days after it was sent.

When you delete your account, we delete the content elements you've posted,
such as photos and status updates, and you will not be able to restore that information again.
Information shared by others about you is not part of your account and can not be deleted.
If you do not want to delete your account, and you just want to stop using your products temporarily, you can deactivate your account instead of deleting it.
To delete your account at any time, please send an e-mail to those responsible

How do we respond to legal requests or prevent damage?

We access, share and share your information with regulators, law enforcement agencies, or others:
In response to a judicial request, if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so.
We can also respond to legal requests received when we have a good faith belief that the response is legally required under the laws of that jurisdiction,
which applies to users residing within that jurisdiction and that they are in conformity with accepted international standards.
When we have a good faith belief that it is necessary to:
detect, prevent and deal with fraud, unauthorized use of products, violations of our terms or policies, or any other harmful or illegal activities;
or to protect ourselves (including our rights, property or products) To protect you or others, which are included as part of legal investigations or inquiries; or to prevent imminent death or physical harm.
For example, we provide information to third-party partners and receive information about your account's authenticity to prevent fraud, abuse, and other harmful activities inside or outside our products, if appropriate.
The information we receive about you (including financial transactions data relating to purchases at Faceworld)
may be retained and retained for an extended period of time if such information is considered through a legal request,
a government investigation, investigations of potential violations of our Terms and Policies or the prevention of damage In any other way.
We also retain information from accounts that have been disabled for violating our terms for at least a year to prevent repeat abuse or other violations of our terms.
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How do we operate and transmit data as part of our global services?

We share information globally, both at the internal level within the Faceworld companies and on the external level with our partners
and with those with whom we communicate and share content worldwide with this policy.
Information controlled by a company is transferred, stored, or processed in, for example,
the Germany or countries other than your country of residence for the purposes set out in this policy.
Processes and so we can run our services and provide our products to you all over the world.

How do we inform you of changes in this policy?

We will notify you of any changes to this policy and give you an opportunity to review the revised policy before choosing to continue using our products.

Overview of our policy

What types of content are not allowed in Faceworld?

If you see content on Faceworld that you believe violates community standards,
please file a complaint by logging in and sending the complaint via expedited mail or by reporting this publication or account.

Here are some of the items that are not allowed in Faceworld:

* Content containing nudity or other sexual connotations.
* Speech inciting hatred, or actual threats, a direct attack on a person, group.
* Content that includes psychological harm or excessive violence.
* Fraudulent or counterfeit accounts.
* Fraudulent junk content.

What types of games do you consider offensive?

The following behavior is not allowed on Faceworld:

* Publish things that do not meet the standards of the Faceworld community (eg threats or hate speech or images of violence).
* Use Faceworld to abuse, impersonate or harass anyone.
* Misuse of Faceworld features (eg sending friendship requests to many people you do not know).
The excessive use of features will result in insecurity. Therefore we will put you in limitations to reduce your use of features overly.

Is Faceworld Allowed Breastfeeding Pictures?

Yes, we agree that breastfeeding is natural and wonderful, and we are pleased to know that it is important for mothers to share their experiences with others through Faceworld.
The vast majority of these images are consistent with our policies.
Please note that the images we review are often brought to our attention by other users in particular who complain about their participation on the Faceworld

Why does Faceworld restrict some features and limits?

We place restrictions to prevent abuse of our features as well as to protect people from unsolicited e-mail and abuse.
For example, if someone sends several messages to people who are not their friends, they may be temporarily blocked or blocked from sending messages.
Constraints depend on different factors, such as speed and quantity, but we can not provide further details about the rate restrictions imposed.

Does Faceworld use money? How true is it that Faceworld intends to charge for the use of the site?

No. The faceworld site is a free site and you will never be asked to pay money to continue using the site.
However, you have the freedom to make a purchase on some advanced features on the Faceworld website, such as:
changing the color of the chat and monthly subscription to get a VIP place in the Faceworld or verification badge.
Furthermore, if you choose to use Faceworld from your mobile phone, remember that you are responsible for any charges associated with the use of the Internet or text messages as determined by your mobile service provider.

Can I monitor my child's activity on Faceworld or delete my child's account?

In general, under our privacy laws, we are prohibited from granting unauthorized access to someone who is not the owner of the account.
We encourage parents to practice any behavior they can do on their computers And to monitor their children's use of the Internet.
Please talk to your kids and familiarize them with the safety of the Internet, and ask them to use privacy settings.
If you come across an account for someone under the age of 13, please let us know.
If your child experiences any abuse on Faceworld, we encourage you to ask him to sign in to his account and report it.

Faceworld Principles

We are creating the Faceworld website to make the world more open and transparent, which will, in our view, allow us to build a more understanding and sustainable world.
Faceworld encourages openness and transparency by giving individuals greater ability to participate and communicate, and some of the principles of Faceworld are geared towards pursuing these goals.
The application of these principles must be subject only to the constraints of law, technology and evolving social norms.
Therefore, we set these principles to be the basis of the rights and responsibilities of those covered by the Faceworld Service.
Freedom of Participation and Communication People must freely share any information they wish to communicate, by any means or coordination, and have the right to communicate online with everyone - any person, institution or service - as long as both agree to establish such communication.

2. Ownership and control Information persons must have their own information.
They should have the freedom to share with whoever they want and move with them wherever they go, including their removal from the Faceworld Service.
People should be free to choose who will share their information, and to set privacy controls to protect these options.
However, these controls are not able to restrict the way information is used by the recipients, especially outside the Faceworld service.

3. Free flow of information People must have free access to all information provided by others.
Also, they must have practical tools that make it easier, faster and more efficient to share and access this information.

4. The right to fundamental equality Every person - whether an individual, an advertiser, developer, institution or other entity -
must have the right to represent and access to distribution and information within the scope of the Faceworld service, regardless of the principal's activity.
One set of principles, rights and responsibilities must apply to everyone who uses the Faceworld service.

5. Social Value Individuals should enjoy the freedom to build trust and reputation through their identity and the contacts they create,
and their presence should not be removed from the Faceworld Service for reasons other than those described in the Faceworld Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

6. Open Platforms and Standards People should have software user interfaces to share and access the information that is available to them.
The specifications of these user interfaces must be published and made available and accessible to all.

7. Basic service Everyone must be able to use Faceworld for free to create a place, communicate with others and share information with them.
Everyone must be able to use the Faceworld service regardless of their participation, participation, or contribution.

8. The welfare of all The rights and responsibilities of Faceworld and the people who use them must be described in a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities consistent with these principles.

9. Transparent Process In general, Faceworld should provide information about its objectives, plans, policies and processes.
Faceworld must have a process of notice and suspension to provide transparency and to encourage the expression of views on amendments to these principles or rights and responsibilities.

10. One World The Faceworld service must transcend geographical and national boundaries and be available to all around the world.